\       Wedding Sitter

                                   Children are so sweet, so precious and so fun....

                         So you wonder how you could imagine NOT inviting your
                                 favorite niece or nephew to your big day?
                         We understand that children are important to you, so why not
                                 include them in the biggest day of your life!

               With our professional wedding entertainment services, we can take the
                                   out of including these special little ones!

                   Let our wedding sitters entertain the children at your reception
                   with activities such as face painting, puppet shows, crafts and more.

                                     You and your guests can relax
                              while we keep the children happily entertained.  


    Wedding Sitter Service

                                                      * 2 event Coordinators

                                                     * Crafts for the children

                                                             *Story time

                                                    *Puppet Theater & Show


                                                           *Face painting

                                                            *Sing a longs

                                                           *Parachute Play


                                               *Magician Show (upon availability)

Price for Service

Let each guest pay for their child
                                          $200 Coordinating and Hosting Fee
                             $10 per hour / per child (2 hour minimum & 4 hour max)
                                  There is a minimum of 6 children per event

    Pick up the tab
                                 $500 for 3 hours of entertainment
                                                       Up to 12 children
                                                 Each additional child $20

              At this time the age requirement is 2 years old & up. Children must be potty trained
                            (or parent will be notified when child needs to be changed).
      An additional fee of $100 will be charged if each additional Coordinator as needed for your event.
                                  *An additional Coordinator is required for over 18 children*
                    There is a max of 48 children which would require a total of 4 Coordinators
                               Children can eat dinner with their parents/guardians.
Tip: Ask your caterer if they can provide an alternate menu and pricing for children attending your reception.
               We can provide pizza and juice boxes for the kids to eat with us for $5 per child