"I was absolutely IMPRESSED!!! The characters really exceeded all my expectations. They entertained for 1.5
hours...to 20 little boys and girls. They provided games, face painting, crafts for boys and girls, souvenir picture in
frame, gifts for birthday kids, party favors, and a phenomenal magic show that is still the talk of the town.

This is a great idea for parties.....especially if you're looking for something out of the Arizona heat. They were
extremely affordable and this was THE most memorable party yet. They also do other popular characters.....I'm just
very thankful for their great work!

~Kimberly Justus

Princess Ella from Phoebe the Clown did magic, face painting and dancing with my daughter and the huge crowd of
kids. I mean, she had 17 kids sitting quietly and watching her every move. Talk about crowd control. Princess Ella
was beautiful. The grownups loved every minute of it too.
Thank you, Princess Ella!
*Loved the yellow Hummer, too. Better than a pumpkin.

~Alice C.

The people that came here were sooooo nice and I loved everything that they did. I can not believe that 9 girls were
able to stay quite for an hour.  They were in AUHHWWW of the mermaid; some girls ( of 4 yrs of age ) thought she
was REAL. The party was a great success.  I appreciate all you did.  You made a special memory for my child and
her friends and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you again...  


I have had Princess Ella at my daughters party; I have also had Santa and the Easter Bunny at my house for my
Daycare.  I have had Phoebe the clown at my Son's party and have already booked my Daughters birthday again in
November and Santa. I really enjoy having them come to my home and making the kids feel so special!


We were VERY happy with your employees and
how they handled the activities at our daughter's b'day party! The Easter
Bunny was a big hit and several of the moms made comments to me after the
party saying how much they appreciated that the kids games were designed in
such a way that every child was a winner and none of them walked away with
hurt feelings. Very important!

Thank you so much! We will definitely use your company again and will
recommend you to all of our friends.

Nancy C.

I wanted to take this time and thank-you for such a wonderful job at my daughter Lindsey’s birthday party. You were
such a success, the children of course all loved you and all you wonderful face painting creations. The magic show
was awesome; you really had the children entertained.
I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Thank-you once again.

~ Brenda

We booked a Stuff-A-Poodle Tea Party for my daughter's 5th birthday party. . .what an experience!   The girls really
felt like royalty being able to dress up themselves, as well as their poodles.  The best part, is that I didn't have to lift
a finger because everything was provided, including decorations!  The decorations were adorable, and the clean up
was wonderful!  I am so happy that I went on your advice, and had 8 girls. . .that was the perfect number.  Everyone
had a great time, thanks to you!


Thanks to you. Jordan had a blast and still has the picture on our fridge.  She refers daily to having sponge bob
painted on her head.  I appreciate all of your professionalism. The day was a huge success and many have asked
where I found you.  You can count on some referrals from me and at a minimum us using you again in the future.
Thank you!

~Nicole D.

I just wanted to say Phoebe was FABULOUS!!! The kids really liked her and Phoebe even got the few shy ones to
come out of their shell. Isabela says this was her best party ever!! She also says she misses Phoebe. The parent's
also liked having a little "break" while the kids were so interested in Phoebe. Isabela wants Phoebe again next year!
Thanks so much. It was well worth it!!!!

~ Elena

I wanted to let you know that the party was a TOTAL hit - the kids can't
stop talking about it!!
Thank you again... Have a super day!


Thanks so much for the fun birthday party for Hope!  It was so fun and I could tell the children really enjoyed it! You
really made Hope's day a special one!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at Sophia's party!!! We all loved phoebe the clown!!!! The
party was so much fun because of her!! I am very happy, you did a great job!! Congratulations!! :)

~Ana Kleingartner

I just wanted to thank you for doing Megan's party for us on Saturday.  It was such a memorable event for not only
the birthday girl, but for all the other children that attended.  Megan's party is now the talk of the town!  You did such
a great job!  Of course, now my older daughter wants you to come to her party as well! Thanks again for helping us
make Megan's party a success!

~Jill Wildridge

I just wanted to thank you for a great show, my daughter Sierra & the other kids loved it especially the magic show!
Thank you.

~Jesse and Mona

"Just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a wonderful job at our birthday party.  Everyone had a fantastic
time..... !!!"


"I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great show for Myriam. She had a blast!"

~Brenda Tylor    

"Just wanted to let you know that Jessica absolutely LOVED her birthday party because you guys did such a great
job. You made her feel so special and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you again for everything.  We will
definitely spread the word for you!"


Hi,  I just wanted to Thank you very much for making my daughter Tatum's 4th Birthday so special!  She had a great
time and so did all the other kids!  I was really surprised Tatum helped out during the magic show...she really
enjoyed that, and loved the mouse!  Thanks again!

~Cathy  :-)

We had Phoebe the Clown out or my son's 4th b-day & I couldn't believe how the kids watched every move &
listened to everything she said. I had about 13 kids & they loved it!!


I wanted to thank you for coming to Aliyah's birthday party! All the kids really enjoyed having you here.
My daughter looks at your picture with her on the fridge and still talks about how much she enjoyed having Phoebe
at her birthday!   I had so many moms ask me how I found you! :)  
You will be hearing from me again because I will definitely plan to use you again for my other kids' birthday parties!!
thx again!!

Salma  :)

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Phoebe the Clown and The Mermaid for my daughters’ parties. Phoebe was an
instant hit for my youngest daughter’s party. Phoebe awed the children as well as the adults. The adults couldn’t get
over how awesome the magic show was. Then we met your Mermaid at my oldest daughter’s party and her coming
to our "Swimming Under the Sea" theme was the perfect touch for my 5-year-old. I will plan my parties around the
Phoebe and Friends characters because we love the spectacular show we receive for a great price."

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