Jungle Safari
                                         Theme party
  Basic party Package

  This party is guaranteed to cause you to get the itchy scratchy jungle fever!!!! The only cure is                                    
     to give in completely to our outrageously fun time:  
                                                                                            *Each child will disguise themselves                                         
                                                                                              in pith hats and animal print                                                    
                                                         *Theme face painting
                                                                                            *Safari treasure hunt
                                                                                            *Obstacle course
                                                                                            *Games with prizes including: limbo
                                                                                                                                           monkey toss
                                                                                                                                           jungle walk
                                                                                            *Picture time with character

             This party package is hosted by our official Safari cruise director character and an assistant.

              A craft can be
added to the package (over seen by the assistant) while the character face                                 
               paints the children. A great make and take project for the Birthday child and guests.

              *Jungle frame $2 each

              This party package is for 12 children (including the Birthday child) for $195
                                        *each additional child will be $10

                                    Deluxe Party Package

              Let us take care of almost all of your party details.
       With our Deluxe Party Package you will not have to worry about a thing
the day of the party! We bring everything including the cupcakes, table decorations
                             and party goods we even bring the candles!

                  Includes everything from the Basic Party Package plus:

                              Themed Invitations & Thank You Notes  
each additional $2
                                              an Additional Assistant
                                       Our Complete Cupcake Service
                     ~with coordinated table cloth and confetti table decoration
                           ~8 piece coordinated mylar balloon center piece
                       ~tableware cake plates, cups, napkins and utensils  
                                                in our Safari theme    
                            ~Bakery Fresh Cupcakes on our Cupcake Stand
                                                  ~chilled beverage
                              *upgraded cupcakes and cakes available
                                                 ask for details

            All set up for your guests while the character is entertaining the children  

                    $325 for up to 8 children *including the Birthday child
                                    *additional children $15 each

                     ~~~ 3 weeks prior notice for Deluxe Party Packages ~~~
                                    otherwise $50 charge for rush order

                           Ultimate Party Package

      Let's face it, parents today are busy people and planning a party can be
         an overwhelming task. Invitations to address and mail, RSVP's to follow up on
              and then there's the shopping, all added to your already busy schedule.  
                       Simply send us your guest list and we will do the rest.
       Let us take care of all your worries and relax with our Ultimate Party package.

       Includes everything from the Basic and Deluxe Party Packages plus:

                       Themed Invitations
addressed and mailed for you
                    Coordinated Thank You notes
addressed and stamped  
                                ready for you to personalize and mail  
each additional $2                                                                       
RSVP service online or by phone
                  ~including a follow up phone call for non-responders
                              Deluxe party pack set which includes
                                 ~Coordinated table centerpiece
                                   ~Coordinated treat bags filled
                             ~Coordinated Happy Birthday banner
                               ~8 Safari animal shaped suckers

            $425 for up to 8 children *including the Birthday child
                                *additional children $18 each

            ~~~ 3 weeks prior notice for Ultimate Party Packages ~~~
                         otherwise $50 charge for rush ordering

Don't Lift a Finger
                           Royal Party Package

Are you a Parent who is always busy serving food, cleaning up and taking care of details
        during the party and missing out on your child's special day?
   This year, you enjoy the party and let us take care of the details for you.
You are free to take pictures, relax and share in the magic of your little ones special celebration!  

 Includes everything for the Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate Party Packages plus:

                     Assistants/Servers to assist with cake time
                                         Gift Presentation Ceremony
                          with guest name and gift list recorded for you
                                      Complete party area clean up
                                (vacuuming & trash removal included)

                Note: The Assistants/Servers will stay an additional 1 hour
                            after the character entertainment has left
                                 for the cake time, gifts and clean up.

                $540 for up to 8 children *including the Birthday child
                                 *additional children $18 each
                 ~~~ 3 weeks prior notice for Ultimate Party Packages ~~~