Frequently Asked Questions

* How Do I go about booking an Event or Party?     
~It's simple. You can go to our
"Contact" page and click on the "Inquire  about a booking" link and copy and paste the
info sheet and paste it into a new email. Complete the form and email it to us. We will then check the schedule for
availability. We usually get back to you with an answer within the hour.
If you would like to call us to schedule you can do that too. Call us at #602-525-0309.

Upon having availability for your Event date we then send you over a contract                                                                
via email for you to review, print out, sign and then mail to us with a deposit to                                                                
hold your date and time.

* How much is a deposit to hold my Event date and time?

~Private Parties require a $35 deposit
~Company Events require a $50 deposit
This can be paid via check, money order or via Pay pal   (Pay pal payment add 5% to online payment)

* How do I pay for the party balance?

~Balance for all events is collected at the end of the event the day of the event in full.
We ask that you pay this balance due in cash making payment for all our Assistants and Characters easier.

What about tipping the Character/s?

~Gratuity is GREATLY appreciated by our Staff :O)
We do not require you to pay a mandatory percent for a tip. We openly leave this up to you to decide how much you
would like to tip us; and please do so after we have completed the event so you can make that decision based on our

* How many children can you have at a Party?

~Our Party Packages are set up to have somewhere between 8-18 children depending on the Party Package you
choose. All Party Packages note the amount of children they are set up for on our
"Party Packages" pages.

* How long is the entertainment for?

~Most all of our Private Parties Packages are set up for 1 hour of entertainment. We most definitely can add more
time if you would like.
$85 will add an extra 1/2 hour of time and 7 extra children.
(All of our Characters max out booking time at 4 hours.)

* What if I would like more than 1 character?

~Each additional Character is $75 per Character / per hour. You are welcome to add as many Characters as are
available for your event date and time.

* How much room will I need to have for the character to entertain in?

~Any size area you have we can make work :O)
We can set most of the shows up in a relatively small area if needed. We can set up one activity and tear down and  
set back up in that same area for the next activity if needed.

Our Magic Show and Tea Parties require a little more room, but still can be done in a smaller area.

What will I need to have for the entertainer?

~We supply everything  (with the exception of a table to do crafts at if you have this as an activity choice)
Otherwise we bring it all and we clean up and take it all with us too :O)

* Can I have my party outside?

~Of course; as long as the Weather is permitting.
That would between 50-95 degrees in temperature. Otherwise we will need to be                                                            
indoors for the majority of the event. If it has rained or sprinklers have made the                                                             
ground wet within 24 hours prior to the party time we will need to be on a flat dry                                                            
surface. If it is very windy we will not be able to do a lot of our activities such as                                                              
the Magic Show, craft projects, some of the games, even face painting outside.  

* How soon should I book my event?

~Although we do usually have some availability 1 week prior to your event, specific Characters and times may not be
available if you wait until then to book with us. We HIGHLY recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event.
During our busy seasons of Spring (March-May) and Fall (September-November) we book up super quickly, even
months in advance for some weekends; especially Saturdays.  
sooner the better to ensure the best availability of Character and date choices.

What is in the goodie bags?

~Our goodie bags are clear cellophane bags with primary colored balloons on them ties in curling ribbon.
We can make up bags for boys and bags for girls or generic bags for either or.

The girl bags include a ring, bracelet, sticker, individually sealed candy such as Smarties or Dum Dum suckers, pin
wheel, frog prince & whistle.
The boy bags include a paratrooper, glider plane, sticker, individually sealed candy such as Smarties or Dum Dum
suckers, jumpy frog, camo whistle & spider ring.
Generic bag includes sticker, whistle, jumpy frog, individually sealed candy such as Smarties or Dum Dum suckers,
smiley ring, glider plane & paratrooper.

* Why is Phoebe the Clown now an "Exclusive Character" and what does that mean?

~Tho the business started with just Phoebe the Clown & 1 Assistant to Melissa the popularity of the business and
Character choices have grown. Melissa is unable to do all the shows all the time, but she is currently able to take 2
bookings per day, available as all Characters and of course as Phoebe. Booking Melissa for your party is determined
upon availability and is first come first serve, so booking early is best and highly recommended.

* How can I work for your company?
~We are always looking for FUN and ENERGETIC people to join our team! If you think that you "Clowning Around"
with us would be something you would be interested in you can contact us anytime via email at and put "Application" in the subject line. We will then send you an application.